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Poloroid are John Horrocks and Danielle Rowe. Group is known for it's single "So damn beautiful". Danielle Rowe is probably best known for her successful dance-crossover project ''Poloroid'', which received both critical and commercial success with the track ''So damn beautiful''... As DJ's and producers scrambled to get their hands on the track, "So damn beautiful" was propelled to number one in both the Cool Cuts and Buzz charts. John Horrocks passed away and Danielle Rowe is now using the identity "No silence". From her MySpace: "...I think it's important at this point to mention how ''No silence'' came to be... Like most artists it has not been without it's difficult times. When Poloroid first formed it consisted of three people - myself, Lee Milleare and Jon Horrocks. The style of music we created incorporated all facets of band and electronica and I really enjoyed the ease of working in a more studio based environment (previously I only had band experience). Sadly in May 2001 Jon unexpectedly passed away. Although I continued to work with other producers under the Poloroid moniker, it never felt the same without Lee and Jon. Then three days before the album release my record company Telstar crashed... This is when I decided to move on and create a new sound and identity - ''No silence''. It's been a real learning curve that has made me more focused on my music and where I want to be this time next year and best of all I now think I am back to where the original Poloroid left off... I know Jon would be really proud of me and I still have the continual valued support of Lee to which I am truly grateful''.

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